The process begins with an assessment of your personal financial situation which includes a review of your investments, assets, personal goals and time horizon.

After this, the investment process and management begins with an assessment of the global economy. This assessment focuses on broad economic activity and financial trends on a global basis and in the USA.

The reason the process begins with a broad overview, is when bad things happen financially, it is usually on a global basis and sometimes begins in far away places. The recent bear market with the coronavirus is a prime example. Looking back at bear markets in history (2008, 2000 and so on), these were global occurrences, not just limited to the USA. This broad assessment guides the asset allocation strategy between stocks, bonds, cash and other broad asset classes. The asset allocation mix is the key to diversification and is changed based on this broad global outlook. Then, individual investments are assessed and chosen within the asset class (such as individual stocks in equities) that are deemed the best reward vs. risk prospects. Individual stocks are often managed in accounts, and the firm is one of the few in the local area that manages stocks in this manner independently, and exclusively doing the research, trading, and management all right here in Huntsville.

Investment accounts are established with a large, national brokerage firm, such as Charles Schwab. The account is always registered in the clients name, with my firm only having trading authority. This assures your account is always accessible by you, and provides clear transparency.